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  Windham Soccer Association (WSA) is a private youth soccer club working to promote soccer in Windham, NH and the surrounding towns.  We are funded by membership dues and donations.
  Our work would not be possible without our volunteers.   Please contact a Board Member if you would like to help!

Please enjoy your visit to our site and feel free to contact us with your comments or queries.

~BOD Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month.  Annual Meeting to include amendment(s) to the articles of agreement is normally held the second Wednesday in June.  Please contact a member of the BOD with any questions or for more information~



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WSA Picture Day Saturday Sep 19 2020
REMINDER: Saturday, September 19th is WSA/SCSC Picture Day at Griffin...
WSA Weekend Soccer Games
Normally, I would start with Happy Friday everyone, but today being...
WSA Important Reminders!
Good afternoon everyone! As a community, we continue to face new...
WSA Picture Day Saturday Sep 19 2020

REMINDER: Saturday, September 19th is WSA/SCSC Picture Day at Griffin Park. 


We had to make a few adjustments to the Clix picture day schedule. Please check below for your teams time slot. 

We have received several questions regarding the team photo this year. Due to State Covid-19 Guidelines, Clix is doing something new for this year for team photos. 

When Clix photographs each individual player, they will be taking a posed picture for their individual picture, and also taking a picture of the player standing with arms at their sides. Clix will use the second photo to create a "team photo". A sample team photo is below:




This year's pictures will be outside at Griffin, on the front field if weather permits otherwise Clix will set up under the pavillion. 


Orders can be placed online at the Clix website now. Online orders placed before picture day are substantially less expensive. 

  • Lowest Prices if ordered online before picture day, Hundreds of Customizable Products, Free JPG with purchase of Packages 1-5.
  • Go to clixne.com.  Click on "Order Here", then "Sports"
  • Search for Windham Soccer
Clix is following all State, local & league Covid-19 guidelines:
-  Team composites will be available instead of team group photos. 
-  We will be photographing every athlete individually. 
-  Photographers will be wearing masks 
-  Equipment is regularly cleaned
-  Social distancing will be maintained
Everyone should bring their own ball for pictures.  Clix will not be providing soccer balls for pictures this year due to the pandemic.
Questions?  Contact Clix at 603-952-4141 or 
Windham Soccer Picture Day – Saturday September 19, 2020
Griffin Park
  Team Picture Time  
  Tiny Tots – 8 am  09:00 AM  
  Tiny Tots – 9 am 10:00 AM  
  Tiny Tots – 10 am 11:00 AM  
  U6 - 1  09:20 AM  
  U6 - 2  09:00 AM  
  U6 - 3  08:20 AM  
  U6 - 4  09:20 AM  
  U6 - 5  08:50 AM  
  U6 - 6  08:50 AM  
  U6 - 7  08:20 AM  
  U6 - 8  08:20 AM  
  U6 - 9  10:20 AM  
  U6 - 10  09:20 AM  
  U8 - 1  08:00 AM  
  U8 - 2  10:00 AM  
  U8 - 3  08:40 AM  
  U8 - 4  09:40 AM  
  U8 - 5  10:00 AM  
  U8 - 6  08:00 AM  
  U8 - 7  10:50 AM  
  U8 - 8  08:40 AM  
  U8 - 9  10:50 AM  
  U8 - 10  08:00 AM  
  10-1  10:20 AM  
  10-2  08:40 AM  
  10-3  09:00 AM  
  10-4  10:20 AM  
  U12-1 11:20 AM  
  U12-2 01:00 PM  
  U12-3 12:00 PM  
  U15 09:40 AM  
  U18-1 11:40 AM  
  U18-2 09:40 AM  
  SCSC BU13 01:00 PM  
  SCSC BU15 2006 11:00 AM  
  SCSC BU15 2006/2007  01:20 PM  
  SCSC GU13 2008/2009 12:40 PM  
  SCSC GU15 2006/2007 10:40 AM  
  WSA BU10 2011/2012 12:20 PM  
  WSA BU11 2010 12:40 PM  
  WSA BU12 2009 11:00 AM  
  WSA BU12 2009/2010 12:20 PM  
  WSA BU9 2012 02:00 PM  
  WSA COED U9 2012/2013 11:40 AM  
  WSA GU10 2011 11:40 AM  
  WSA GU11 2010/2011 10:40 AM  
  WSA GU12 2009/2010 01:40 PM

by posted 09/18/2020
WSA Weekend Soccer Games

Normally, I would start with Happy Friday everyone, but today being September 11th, the tone is a little more somber as we remember a sad day in the history of our nation. 


We are about to head into our second weekend of soccer games for our Travel Program, and our first for our many Recreation teams.  WSA recently posted updated to our COVID-19 information, and sent an email out with important updates.  This email serves to offer a few final reminders


1) please ensure that we are mindful of the updates that were sent, of our COVID policies, and what is required and/or asked of us as both members of WSA and as good neighbors both in Windham and when we visit other host towns.  Please be respectful not only of our policies and procedures, but of any that other towns ask us to follow as well.  Be courteous to those you meet who may or may not be "comfortable" being out and about, or are nervous about their child being on the field for the first time in what seems like an eternity.  As we have said before, everyone is affected differently by the state of the world we are currently living in, and we want us all to be mindful of this both on and off the pitch.  We take these matters very seriously, both with regard to COVID and our Code of Conduct, as any infractions could have a very negative effect on the entire program. 


2) when at ANY of our fields (or when visiting any other fields), please be aware of social distancing when moving on and off the fields.  For Griffin, the games are spaced such that we should have sufficient time for one group of teams to get off the field before others get on the field.  If there is any overlap due to warm ups, etc. please use OPEN space near the field to allow for the teams and parents to social distance - we do not want to create crowds on the fields.  


3) parents and spectators are limited to no more than 2 per player - with no exceptions.  This is to help facilitate social distancing and minimize the number of people around the fields.  Masks for spectators and parents ARE required on the fields 


4) please ensure that there is NO trash left behind  - use proper receptacles or please carry your trash off with you and dispose of it at home if need be.  This holds true when visiting other towns as well


5) when entering or leaving the fields, please be mindful of other foot traffic and please be sure to allow proper social distance between other families.  A great example if the small footbridge at Griffin - it's size really does not accommodate  2-way traffic in a socially distanced world :o)


Again, we believe if we all work together, be mindful of ourselves and of others, and focus on our players, we can have another successful weekend of fun on the pitch.


We can do this TOGETHER!  


On behalf of the WSA Board of Directors, thank you again for your dedication and support to your players and to our programs!

Jamie Manti

President, WSA

by posted 09/11/2020
WSA Important Reminders!

Good afternoon everyone!

As a community, we continue to face new challenges as we head into the fall.  All of us here at WSA are doing everything we can to keep our players and you, our members, safe during these trying times.  We wanted to send out a few CRITICAL REMINDERS and UPDATES to you as we head into our second week of Travel sessions and our FIRST week of Rec sessions ... as always, please visit the COVID-19 Info link at the top of the www.windhamsoccer.org home page for a complete list of links and to State of NH and NHSA protocols and WSA guidance.


  • Before ANY Player or Coach takes the field, they must have an executed COVID-19 waiver on file.  If a waiver has not been received, they will not be allowed on the field for ANY reason, without exception.  
  • Before each session (e.g. practice, game, etc.), Coaches should remind players that if they are not feeling well, they must notify them right away so that proper measures may be taken
    • Any player not feeling well or that develops symptoms during the session should be escorted from the field of play and asked to stay there until a parent can be reached to escort the child to the car and bring them home. 
  • Physical contact outside the game (field of play) must be strictly avoided.
    • High 5’s, handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, etc. are unfortunately not allowed at any times
  • Players are required to wash or sanitize their hands prior to and after training
    UPDATED NOTE:  For the players safety, until further notice, WSA REQUIRES that players not involved in active play wear their masks on the sideline/bench areas unless warming up or taking a drink from a beverage
  • UPDATED:  During practices, parents/guardians for Teams U8 and Below are encouraged to remain in their cars in a designated parking area.  Parents/guardians for Teams U9 and Above are required to remain in their cars in a designated parking area.  However, when/if watching from the sidelines they should maintain a safe social distance AND wear a mask, even when proper social distancing is possible.  Spectators other than parents/guardians are not permitted at the field for practice.  If outside of their cars in the parking area, they should maintain a safe social distance and/or wear a mask when social distancing is not possible.
  • UPDATED:  During competitive sporting events, parents/guardians and spectators shall remain outside of all “in play” areas and shall maintain physical distancing while watching events.  They should be at least 6-feet from anyone from another household.  Masks MUST be worn even if proper social distancing is not possible until further notice


Again, we thank you for your support and understanding during these difficult times, and for being patient with us and with each other as we work through this for the benefit of our players



by posted 09/08/2020
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